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EZ water is short for Exclusion Zone water


Founded by esteemed bioengineering professor Dr. Gerald Pollack at the University of Washington.


According to the research by Dr. Pollack and his team, it is understood that the charge of the water molecule changes as it nears a cell. 

Through rigorous UV tests, Dr. Pollack surmised that DIVINIA showed the strongest and most obvious "EZ" water signature he has noted. 

The exclusion zone nature of DIVINIA makes the water much easier for your body to absorb and recognize, essentially giving free hydration to your cells. 


What is Deuterium?

Deuterium is a type of hydrogen. Where hydrogen's nucleus has just a proton. Deuterium's nucleus has both a proton and a neutron. This makes deuterium twice the mass of regular hydrogen.

All materials bear a mass or weight to them, even on the smallest atomic level. It is in the air we breathe, food we eat, and even in what we drink. When water ages, it acquires an extra hydrogen neutron - essentially giving the water extra mass or weight that makes it harder for the body to process. 


Through DIVINIA purification we lift the extra hydrogen neutron, making it easier for the body to absorb because it is atomically lighter. This means the body doesn’t have to exert energy to break up the oxygen and hydrogen. 

DIVINIA Water has been verified as DDW through lab tests at UC Davis. With 128- 135 ppm deuterium levels, DIVINIA is lower than "average" water (155 ppm). DIVINIA Water offers maximum health attributed to DDW; these benefits include; anti-cancer, anti-aging, better sleep, higher energy levels, and reduced depression. 


DIVINIA and many geologists believe that water is the result of pressure and heat from far beneath the Earth’s crust. Hydrogen gas, being the most prevalent element in the universe, easily combines with oxygen under pressure, making pure water. 


This gas mixture cools as it rises to the Earth’s surface to be water, but started as a completely pure combination of oxygen and hydrogen.


Geologists and scientists have observed that DIVINIA mimics this process in our purification system, returning water back to it’s first, primary state. 


DIVINIA has distinct recognition to be one of only a few waters studied by leading material scientist, the late Dr. Rustum Roy, at Penn State University. Under raman spectroscopy, Dr. Roy discovered that DIVINIA water has a weaker bond between the hydrogen and oxygen molecule. The bond between the hydrogen and oxygen are easily broken apart, which then means that the oxygen and hydrogen are available to the functions of the body.

DIVINIA water is verifiably more energetic. In fact, DIVINIA at room temperature has the same energy as steam. So what does that mean? Well, like steam, DIVINIA is chemically excited water. It has lots of stored energy so it is ready to make chemical reactions.


DIVINIA’s purification naturally oxygenates water beyond what is typically measured or found in regular drinking water. Because DIVINIA is so energetic and ready to make chemical reactions, the extra oxygen in the water is excited to react to whatever it comes in contact with. Independent studies suggest oxygenated water might help athletic performance, reduce toxins, and slow aging.


Chemists like to measure liquids on a scale from acids to bases. Understanding liquids on this scale give us an idea as to how it will react with other materials. DIVINIA is naturally pH neutral, which means because it is pure water there is nothing in it to force it to one pH or another. Because of this, DIVINIA can easily become acidic or basic depending on what it naturally needs to be in the body, which helps balance biological pH in your body. 

0.00 PPM

PPM is short for parts per million which is the unit of measurement of dilution in a solution. For instance, it can measure a myriad of things ranging from the amount of salt, to amount of deuterium, to the amount of solids in water. 

Other waters really vary in their PPM of toxins, pollutants, or solids. Mineral waters, for instance, measure about 250 PPM and can contain anything from salts, to minerals, to even animal fecal matter or biological materials. Federal Regulations for tap water is it has to be less then 500 PPM. 

We measure DIVINIA’s purity on a daily basis, before we even bottle, to ensure quality. 0.00 is the measurement of pollutants or solids in DIVINIA water. 


Renaturing- to restore to an original or normal condition. 

We start with water that has been filtered through 16 stages of micron filtration, UV filtration, and distillation. When it gets to our filtration process, we have medical grade water. 


We then put that water through our patented filtration system (an electromagnetic frequency in a resonate chamber), where we remove even more particles - these particles are micro sized pharmaceuticals and plastics. 


8 hours to purify 3 gallons of water. Now that's award winning quality you can taste.

The water then goes to our class 100 clean room, where bottles are sterilized and filled with DIVINIA. 

Our process is environmentally friendly, with no water waste in the purification process. With a mission to provide an all- natural, beneficial beverage free of chemicals, we purvey water free of hormones, pesticides, arsenic, chromium-6, chlorine, fluoride, lead, MTBE, and trace pharmaceuticals. 


There are ZERO additives and ZERO chemicals used in purifying DIVINIA water. There is No sodium or chlorine.

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